About this website and the NonCon team

Cha-Ne positively negative

The idea

Making a website that is different while escaping the conformity and restrictions of the internet today.

Internet is full of fakes, misleads, scam and other things all of us want to avoid.

Information is not cheap these days, especially one that is true, correct, verified and confirmed. But how to distinguish truth from a lie!? It is the matter of the reader’s opinion after all. Isn’t it?

Even the most authoritative sources sometimes misleads their audience by not verifying the source that provide or leak the information. Sometimes not even knowingly, but most often it is done on purpose, and that is what worries us.

So, in order to separate truth from fakes, we’ve put a confirmation buttons at the end of each post. You can vote and confirm or choose to not justify the content in the post. It is fair, isn’t it?

The idea generally was to provide a place where you can clearly distinguish between facts and fiction where a thin line is easy to cross. It can be done in various ways, by storytelling, a small dose of sarcasm, through a humorous language at place where every one can see it, read it, add their own story or finding, with little or no censorship at all.

But why not let the visitor choose what to believe. You can add your own story here. Just ask and send us your pitch. It have great chance to be published. Like the idea? Write to us.

The project

Making a website is not too hard. Some of the members of the NonCon (short for NonConfirmed) team have been creating sites and running blogs more then a decade. Some of them even more. The website itself was created in one day after getting the domain, finding a host, setting wordpress and creating a logo. Then it was forgotten for a few months. Finally, started this year 2024 by adding the main menu and subjects to cover:

  • What if – general opinions, points of view, fictional stories, comparations
  • May need – internet finds, gadgets and everyday items you may (or may not) need
  • Go there – wish to go somewhere. Not necessary to travel to
  • Do that – How to’s, tutorials and DIY stuff
  • On the web – covering the internet trends
  • Check this out – almost everything else not covered previously
  • Say something – this is our contact page actually
  • Our terms – our site/our terms, obey or leave this site

These are the main subjects for now with little room for more.

Big No, No, No

This website is not a fake news central, so:

  • no politics,
  • no fake news,
  • no hate,
  • no violence,
  • no illegal stuff

Please! We hope to keep world safe and still stay online.

The NonCon team

We are not settled anywhere, always on the run, available worldwide, we matter and we are here. Who are we exactly? A bunch of unlikely to met characters from different places and backgrounds who want to make the internet better. No matter where you live, what you do or what you are You can be one of us! Current members of the NonCon team, people (and other entities) behind the NonConfirmed website not specifically in any order but alphabetical:

AN-NA the cryptographer avatarAN-NA Good with anagrams and cryptography
not so silent BoB avatar(the not so silent) BOB His opinion somewhat matters
C the CEO wannabe(the CEO wannabe)  C An interdimensional entity originally born as NFT
Eggma the sales manager avatarEGGma  Ex egg seller. Currently our sales manager
Cha-Ne positively negative SC the sceptic SEO and Copywriter. Also a researcher
 Backed up by: our AI platoonour AI platoon