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This site was made as attempt to be different and escape the conformity of the web today.


You may use this site for free, but if you decide to steal images and content from here, please be fair and put a link back. We’ll appreciate this a lot and will spare us of submitting DMCA notice


This site respect users privacy and no data will be collected or shared with third parties except your chosen name, contact e-mail and IP address (perhaps your crypto wallet too!). Non the less, some of the partners may gather your data through their cookies.

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Lets face it – Everybody serve cookies!. We are no exception. If concerned about your privacy you may choose to opt-out but may loose some functionalities that require them. Third party plugins, advertisers and other partner sites may have different rules. You have to check their terms and privacy policies on their sites.

Other boring stuff

We are no lawyers (hope you’re not a one), but if you are, we have generated all the boring legal stuff so you can check the related pages here:



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