Summer is almost here. What are your plans for this summer? Going to sea and have fun with water activities:

Summer is great. Kids love it. Its a time to have fun and play. If on vacation you’ll probably take your kids with you and enjoy some fun water activities. You’ll need some toys and equipment.

Electric water gun

One of the toys that was always popular were water guns. In time their look and range has advanced. Here it is a battery powered electric water guns that can shoot water bursts few meters aways. Have several modes of fire: regular bursts, rapid fire and powerful single shot. Your kids will love it. So are you.

Your kids will love it. So are you. Can be yours for 32$.

Remote Controlled Shark

There were remote controlled cars, drones, boat and now here it is a remote controlled shark that swims in bathtub, pools, aquariums, lakes, sea, ocean. This shark toy is the ultimate toy if you want to scare somebody on a beach. Will forget every other remote controlled toy this summer while watching others screaming!

remote controlled shark. Swimming shark toy for kids

May want to see it action before scare your kids with this 20$ remote controlled shark


Diving in shallow waters is one of the fun water activities you may enjoy this summer. Don’t have to be a professional scuba diver to touch the sea floor. Can just float and watch what is down bellow. Full face, clear view and comes in various sizes.

snorkeling scuba dive mask

This full face snorkeling mask can be yours for 15$

Swimming aid flippers

If you are a seasoned diver or want to improve your swimming skill these Silicone Hand Paddle Flippers are just the thing you need. Cheap and durable enough to outswim others in water polo or other water activities that need to swim faster.

Silicone Hand Paddle Flippers

Sunbathing on water

Summer is the time when you want to sunbath and tone your skin. You may already have a regular inflatable mattress, beach pad or just plan to rent a sunbathing chair. But you can enjoy the sun on the surface of the water with this inflatable chair while enjoying your favorite cocktail.floating sunbathing chair

Leisure time

If you’re on vacation with friends or family and travel with your own car, this inflatable 6 person floating mattress will accommodate the whole crew. It is quite big and weights over 50 kilos but if you have room in your car it will be a great addition for this summer fun water activities if you can spare about 500$ to get it.

inflatable water floating mattress for up to 8 persons

Floating platforms

If you’re prepared to spend even more, there are inflatable floating platforms that accommodate even more people. Combine 2 or more and you’ll have a whole floating bar where people can rest, talk and chill legs in the water under shade. Unfortunately it is a bit pricey. Single platform cost about 2500+$.

Personal hybrid watercraft submersible boat

If you want go even further and prepared to spend 50000+ there is a perfect solution. A personal hybrid water/underwater craft. It is battery powered and ideal for near shore exploration of underwater life. It is quite large and difficult to transport to place so once you get it there it will have to stay there stationery in the months when not using it.personal hybrid submarine water craft

Although the view is incredible and can be compared with the greatest public aquariums.

Adrenaline rush

If you’re fond of water sport and other fun water activities and also an adrenaline junkee you may like the kayaks, speed boats, water skiing etc.¬† Or maybe get an electric diving scooter for 500$ and go on solo vacation.
diving scooter

That would be all you may need for this summer.

Have fun water activities and enjoy the time.


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