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Every backpacker must have

No matter if you are seasoned backpacker or just have to spend a weekend in nature you may need these items.

This is a curated selection of items NonCon team was able to found at best prices. The list may is not final but here are some items you may need but not yet aware of. Hope will fit your backpack.

1. Backpack

What is a backpacker, hiker or a camper without a backpack. You have yours I’m sure. If not here is one that is big enough to fit all the items in this list.

90L Waterproof Hiking and Camping Backpack

With 90 liters capacity this backpack is a great choice for all scenarios. Comes at affordable price of <30$ and a Free shipping.

2. You may need power and lights

If on a trip or camping you’ll need electricity. Power banks are necessity when you are spending couple of days in nature. They can charge phones, portable radios and power similar small consumption devices you may have.

Solar power bank

Additional 10K mAH power with a self charging powerbank like this will charge itself by day light if you put it on the sun. Or hook it on your backpack and it will start charging. Powerful enough to charge a phone and other battery powered devices. Have built in compass and lights bright enough to be used as a flash light at night. Have 2 USB + 1 type C ports.

solar power bank

If hiking or camping you can combine the above power bank with a:

Outdoor portable solar charging foldable panel

With this panel you can charge all battery powered devices during sunlight. Can even hook it over your back pack and it will keep charging while you walk. Oh, some of the models come with a compass. Price is about of the solar power bank, somewhat about 20$.

Portable outdoor solar charging panel for a backpack

Have light at night when on camping with this:

Outdoor rechargeable USD LED light lantern bulb

Charge it by day, or connect it to the power bank you have now. Turn it on and hang it and will have light all night. Can get one for about 5$ or less.

Outdoor Camping light Outdoor Camping Rechargeable LED Light

3. Stay dry and warm

Have you noticed, at least once while you were outdoor  it started to rain. You’ve get wet and probably got sick. Not anymore with these:

Emergency portable disposable raincoat

Small and disposable. Must have one of these even when on a walk in the park. Comes in various colors packed in a keyring ball at a price of 1.5$ per piece.

emergency raincoat rain coat keyring

What about your shoes or sneakers? Suppose you’re not wearing boots all the time. You can have a pair of:

Latex waterproof shoe covers

They are unisex and fits all shoe sizes. Doesn’t took muck place for its cost of about 3$.

waterproof shoe covers

Emergency shelter waterproof cover and thermal blanket for a backpacker

Can be used in emergency for seeking shelter from heavy weather. Also can be used as a tent or a sleeping bag. Two sides have different purpose. Comes with a whistle as a gift at a price of 5-6$.

thermal blanket for backpackers emergency shelter for backpackers

4. Cook your food

Portable Camping Cookware Set

Small and portable cooking set with foldable silverware (not made of silver but of steel) consist of 2 pots, knife, spoon and a fork. At a price of 10$ you’ll have the necessities to cook your meal. All you need next is fire.

portable outdoor cooking set

Suppose you know how to start a fire, have a lighter and you know to cook. If not check this

Portable stove

Fill it with alcohol (stronger the better) and fire it up. Be careful, fire from alcohol is dim and you might get burnt easily. So there is a lid to cover the stove and kill the fire.

portable stove

Now, when you are not hungry anymore and have everything any backpacker must have to stay dry and safe, you may want to check some of our other posts.

Hope you’ll like them too.

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