lazy people on a couch

People are lazy

Some more, some less, people are lazy. The question is how lazy people can be?

Laziness is a complex phenomenon that can be caused by various factors, including depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, and burnout. However, some studies suggest that lazy people can be smarter, more successful and even better as employees …. WTH!

This have sense since lazy people tend to focus on high-leverage activities and automate monotonous and time-consuming tasks which can lead to better performance with less effort.

Laziness can also encourage thinking, processing information and finding innovative solutions.

Work less – rest more

Unfortunately laziness can be a coping mechanism for underlying mental health issues.

The impact of laziness on an individual’s life depends of their personality and circumstances. Can’t be a lazy worker when you don’t go to work and don’t have a job to do. Actually you can, but that would need too much effort to explain and I’m quite lazy to explain it.

Question is do you describe yourself as a lazy person? Don’t be shy, I’ve already admitted, so can you.

No hard feelings…

Just in case, if you think you’re very much lazy, I mean in terms of an epic scale laziness, know that there is something you should know.

lazy people on a couch

In the village of Brezna in northern Montenegro each year an annual contest for the “Laziest Citizen” is held. Participants compete to win a grand prize by lying down for an extended period. Its not about the prize and money, its mostly about the title you’ll win.

The competition, which began more then 10 years ago is a lighthearted event that pokes fun at the stereotype that people of Montenegro are lazy. If you’re from the Balkans you know there are many jokes about this BTW.

To compete, you are required to remain lying down on mats, with the last person remaining horizontal winning the prize. Contestants are allowed to eat, drink, read and use electronic devices while lying down, but sitting up or standing is a violation of the rules and results in immediate disqualification.

The competitors are accommodated at holiday resort by the sea, where they are given three meals a day and have the right to go to the toilet every eight hours.

A nice way to test how lazy you are. In case you win the contest you’ll get the main prize and the title World Championship of Laziness.

The last champion remains horizontal for 50 days beating the last record of just 24 days laying down.

Think you can beat this record? Competition starts somewhere in August. Don’t miss it

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