If want to succeed online you’ll need internet traffic. Large amounts of internet traffic.

Either running a site, a blog, online store or just promoting affiliate links on social media, you’ll gonna need visitors and traffic.

Internet traffic, also called web traffic is essential to spread the word about your site, your brand and the stuff you are promoting. To get noticed you will need a lot of traffic, something that seems impossible for newbies and freshly started sites.

Visitors will not simply just come to see what you have to offer. You’ll need to promote your site/service/affiliate program hard and increase visitors and internet traffic.

The simple formula is:

more internet traffic more visitors more views more leads more money

The formula is quite simple but to get traffic is not an easy goal to achieve and require a lot of time, work and money to push its growth.

Definition and classification

Internet or web traffic is commonly defined as the amount of data received by visitors of a particular web site.

By other definition – it is the number of visitors a given site has received during some amount of time (traffic received by hour, day, week, month, year or overall traffic). And this is what we usually mean by web traffic.

From financial side, web traffic is categorized as free or paid. Free is when no money is included, internet traffic came organically or through free manual methods such as SEO or social media. Paid traffic is when you pay to get views such as buying ads, running paid marketing campaigns or simply pay somebody to visit your site.

By the means and methods used to get traffic there are: white hat, gray hat and black hat techniques.

Visits can come from known sources (sites that refer visitors can be tracked) and “no referrer” sources (usually if gray hat techniques and bots used).

Manual or automatic (bot) traffic is another classification.

Sources of internet traffic

But the best classification is by the sources internet traffic came from:

  • Organic traffic. Always the best. It comes from your SEO efforts: search engine results, organic links to your site etc. Organic traffic is pure white hat and by all means best, but takes much more time and effort to achieve same results than other methods.
  • Social traffic (one that come from social media).
  • Paid traffic from Google AdWords and paid ads on social media and advertising networks paid advertising on established sites
  • Traffic that came from gray hat sources which are not related to your niche, nofollow and noreferrer links: directory sites, ad exchanges, banner exchanges, link farms, manual traffic exchanges etc.
  • Artificial (or black hat) traffic which is artificially generated from bots, autosurfs and other unethical methods

This would be all on the subject of internet traffic (for the moment). If want to learn more about web traffic and ways to get more visitors will have to visit us once again in a few weeks. There are lot of subjects on growing traffic, tips on increasing visits and conversions and a lot more to come next.


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