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Not so boring Umbrella compilation

To be clear, this is an umbrella compilation, not so boring umbrella compilation and definitely not related to the Umbrella corporation from Resident Evil.

Umbrella corporation
Thanks: Ashtang775, CC BY-SA 4.0 Wikimedia Commons

In a raining day, and there might be plenty of rainy days where you live, you’ll need an umbrella. To be honest umbrellas are boring, all the same style, don’t you think?

Not necessary, there are differences you might not know and this is a not so boring umbrella compilation after all.

Main difference is in the umbrella skeleton – main rod (and the number of bones/ribs if you like). The more the better. They give the stability and sturdiness to the frame and the whole umbrella structure is stronger if have more then usual 8 bones. 10, 12 or 16 is better, but 24 is the best. Prices goes up accordingly.

Another difference is the umbrella size – its diameter. Bigger the better covering the larger area.

Third difference is in the materials used. While most umbrellas have only one layer of water protective cover, some more expensive models are using better materials and some even double layers instead that make those umbrellas fully waterproof. Submerge it and then open it in the air to test it.

Fourth difference is opening that can be manual or automatic by push on a button (to close it you’ll have to use a hand though).

The not so boring umbrella models

Here are some umbrella models that not fit your every day definition of an ordinary umbrella.

Umbrella hat

Always hate when have to hold an umbrella in a hand. Even worse when wind blows while it rains so will have to hold your umbrella with both hands!

Not any more. With this model, you can put the umbrella on your head. So it becomes a hands free umbrella. And it has a top cover also.

One size fits all. Just open it and put the hat/umbrella on your head with an elastic headband.

umbrella hat

Don’t worry it not expensive at all. Price depend of its size, but less then 10$ for the largest one.

Despite its silly look this umbrella is quite practical leaving your both hands free while still staying dry.


LED light umbrella

Automatic umbrella with built in flash light handle and LED strip. This high quality umbrella is ideal for night walks. Just rotate the handle to turn LED lights on. Sturdy with 10 or 12 ribs for a price of about 20$.

led light umbrella
led light
led umbrella

Katana umbrella

With 16 or 24 ribs is the sturdiest model of all. Two handed hilt, heavy long and strong spine make this umbrella effective in self defense if need it. The handle resembles a katana sword hilt and the umbrella comes with a back worn stripe so can not tell is it an umbrella or a sword actually. This may get you into  a trouble if a policeman notice it, so be careful.

If interested, the cheapest price we’ve find out there – 26.54$ for a model with 24 ribs.

katana umbrella
katana umbrella
katana umbrella
katana umbrella


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