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Become a Prompt engineer

What is a prompt engineer at first place?

A person who does prompt engineering you’ll say. And WTH is prompt? It is an act of encouraging a hesitating speaker (says the dictionary). In computer world it is simply a text input ready to be executed in order to generate something as a result.

Prompt engineer is the creative professional who specializes in designing and developing interactive storytelling experiences. By typing a simple sentence to generate the content.

Prompt engineers job is to bridge the gap between the storytelling and the audience ensuring that each participant feels like they are an essential part of the unfolding narrative. Working with text 99% of the time but also with images and sometimes even some interactive web content to craft immersive narratives that engage users.

Prompt engineers are the storytellers! AI is just a tool they use.

Prompt engineer creating prompts

In real world a prompt engineer is using a text input to generate more text, longer paragraphs, articles (whole books, images, programming code, presentations, music or even interactive videos).

Sounds easy! You just have to type something and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will create it. It is simple as that!

Prompt engineering doesn’t require any particular skills. No degree. This is not a rocket science while somebody may tell you otherwise. 

Yes, there is high tech beneath the hood and algorithms that make it work, but to create something you just need the right AI tool for that purpose and type your input in the interface. Nothing more.

What  it takes to become a prompt engineer

Some of the steps toward becoming a successful prompt engineer:

  • Have an idea what you want to be created
  • Research a bit about what you wish to create
  • Use the right tools
  • Better the prompt – better the result
  • Generated results are not always perfect
  • Be prepared to refine and run your prompt many times

Creating prompts as a prompt engineer

Have an idea what you want to get created

In order to create something you must have idea what it will be. Its a common sense, doesn’t it?

Don’t have to write it down but it helps sometimes to make a list or take notes.

Research a bit about the subject you wish to create

Before hitting the “generate” button, you may wish to see what is out there. A quick research and checking existing content on the subject will give an idea for writing your prompt. Can google it or use an AI for this. We suggest as it is a conversational search engine (chatbot if you like) that answers queries using natural language from the web and gives the original source from where it takes the exact piece displayed in your generated result. Great for researching.

Use the right AI tools

While ChatGPT is versatile and excellent with text and code it can’t generate graphics by itself (for now). Don’t worry it is free although have to log-in first. Can generate a decent amount of text/words per prompt. If need more you can type “continue” in the message box.

Some AI tools specializes in image generation only. Some in video creation and some in other areas. If looking for the right AI tool for a particular purpose then you have to look for an AI directory like TheresAnAIforThat or similar where the tools are listed by category, purpose, price etc.

Better the prompt – better the result

Prompt including a sentence or two describing what you expect exactly will do. Just a few words may not be sufficient. But you can ask AI to write the prompt for you. For generating text prompts can tell AI chatbot to act as the role you need e.g. Act as: seasoned copywriter,  advisor, assistant etc. Can also ask to generate the text in various tones/styles to suit different purposes, audiences and contexts: professional, informal, humorous, instructive, neutral…

Generated results are not always perfect

Describe what you need and AI will make it on a push of a button.

… Hmmm … Not always.

While generating text will work just fine, generating images from text is not always so perfect and will mess with the generated result especially if there are people in the image.


Be prepared to refine and run your prompt many times

Don’t be anxious. To get the desired will have to run the generator several times. If result is not good enough to use you might refine or rewrite the input prompt.

Talking to AI in order to create a prompt.

Prompt engineering is easy. Have to try couple of times and with right tools you’ll become a prompt engineer in no time.

Prompt engineering will be essential skill in near future where AI will be everywhere.


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