Whatever you do, you must find a way to stay organized! It will make your life easier. If not you will be lost.

This is a practical advice that will spare you of lot of trouble and spare a lot of time if apply in your daily routine.

There are many ways to stay organized, it only need a bit self discipline and the right tool:

  • The simplest way is to write down everything (and loose the paper later).
  • Write all in notepad app but will not look very nice and will be quite hard to find.
  • Bookmark websites you’ve visited and then try to navigate and eventually find the site you’ve bookmarked months ago. Or instead put all your important links and tasks at one screen in a dashboard we have created to make our lives easier and have everything at sight.
  • Install a password manager that will store sites and login details, description of sites and even allow to export and open the exported result on another device
  • Can use a specialized online service (which will cost you a monthly subscription that keep your stuff in a database somewhere in the cloud and eventually get hacked and exposed).

These are just some of the solutions.

my list to stay organized

There is one more. Simple and cost effective way to stay organized and safe is to store everything in a spreadsheet, set a password for it and keep it away from praying eyes.

So this is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Create a new spreadsheet document.
  2. Use the first row to name the columns.
  3. Fill it with data.
  4. Set a password and Save it as “MyList” (or whatever).

Staying organized is simple as that

Generally will need fields for: Category, Site name, its URL, User name, Password, email (the email you used when registering and login), Description of the site/service/product.

Beside these, may add few more columns such as rating system, affiliate links,  affiliate code (just copy and paste where needed). Can always add some more columns if have a need of this. You may even create few more additional sheets in the same document for different purposes: sites you run, affiliate programs you’ve joined, productivity, list of sites to be visited next, list of Facebook groups, sites that accept guest posting, online tools etc. I’m sure you get the idea what I’m talking about!

You can customize it further by applying filters to the columns for easier navigation. If  has a filter applied, to select a  Category – press the arrow down and select which category to display. You’ll get a list of sites just for the category you’ve chose. Can also apply a conditional formatting so if you already added something, the duplicates will be shown colored in red.

Sounds hard? Don’t be lazy!

We have covered you anyway as somebody close to our team have created this spreadsheet years ago just to make his life easier. You can get it and use it for free, forever. It will be here soon.

Additionally, may want to rename the file first and set a password to keep it safe for your eyes only. Also can make a back up and keep it on flash drive or another computer. It’s up to you how to use it or not using it at all. Its yours if you choose to get it.

Hope this helps to:

Stay organized and make your life easier.

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