How creative can you be if you were so rich that you don’t know how to spend your money? Can you waste your money in one day? Don’t bother with these questions, you don’t have that much money anyway!

The amount doesn’t really matter. As little as couple of bucks in your pocket, a monthly salary, lifetime savings or any amount you can afford to spend, now may be the time. Time for what?

Time to waste your money

But don’t just throw your money, burn it or give it away. Its too easy!

Don’t be lazy. There are more creative ways to waste your money in a day and you may be glad to know some so you would not do that.


The following read not a financial advice, and it is strongly recommended not to use any of it

If you are curious and still want to waste your money in a day, it can be a day to remember. So, you may not wish to do it again!

money on fire are a waste on money

Depends how large is your budget and the money you can afford to spend here are some ways you may know of or you may wish to not know at all. Starting from smaller to larger amounts:

How to waste 10 bucks in a minute

10 dollars are sum everyone can afford and don’t regret it if you:

  1. Buy a cup of overpriced, bad coffee in a local restaurant even you know it is poor quality.
  2. Spend it on a lottery ticket. Odds are extremely low but faith never dies.
  3. Purchase a cheap, low-quality pen that runs out of ink quickly.
  4. Buy a single, overpriced snack at a movie theater.
  5. Spend it on a trinket from a vending machine.
  6. Buy a low-quality phone charger that breaks easily.
  7. Spend it on a gimmicky kitchen gadget you’ll never use.
  8. Buy a low-quality pair of earbuds that stop working after few uses.
  9. Purchase a cheap, generic candle with an unpleasant scent.
  10. Spend it on a fast food meal that’s unsatisfying and unhealthy.
  11. Buy a novelty keychain that you don’t need.
  12. Purchase an inexpensive, uncomfortable piece of clothing.
  13. Spend it on a ticket for a terrible, low-budget movie.
  14. Buy a single-use, non-recyclable plastic item.
  15. Purchase a low-quality knock-off beauty product.
  16. Spend it on an outdated, impractical magazine.
  17. Buy a poorly-made piece of dollar-store jewelry.
  18. Purchase a novelty item from a tourist trap that you’ll never use.
  19. Buy 4-5 bottles of Coke to drink all day.
  20. Buy a cheap, flimsy notebook with poor-quality paper.
  21. Spend it on a scratch-off ticket with poor odds.
  22. Purchase a cheap, poorly written book from a bargain bin.
  23. Buy a cheap counterfeit watch on a street sale that may not even work.
  24. Order clothes on internet that may not fit.
  25. Buy anything under 10$ that you don’t need.

junk food

Spend one hundred dollars in few minutes

  1. Buy a fake designer watch that breaks in a few days.
  2. Purchase a meal from a notoriously bad restaurant.
  3. Spend it all on lottery tickets.
  4. Buy a large amount of junk food and eat it all at once. Not sure if you can but you can try (if plan to join a fast eating competition).
  5. Get a subscription to a service you never use.
  6. Buy impractical, uncomfortable shoes you may never wear again.
  7. Spend it all on a questionable “miracle” health supplement. Oh. There are many of these.
  8. Buy a poorly-made souvenir from a tourist trap.
  9. Purchase a cheap, untrustworthy lock for your valuables.
  10. Buy a ticket to a show or event you have no interest in but you were asked to attend.
  11. Spend it on in-game purchases for a mobile game you quickly lose interest in.
  12. Buy a trendy gadget that becomes obsolete within weeks.
  13. Purchase a large amount of generic merchandise from a discount store. You may need some, but not all of it.
  14. Buy an outdated, unreliable tech gadget.
  15. Spend it all on frivolous online shopping sprees.
  16. Buy a low-quality DIY project kit you can’t complete.
  17. Spend it on a gimmicky product from a late-night infomercial just to take place in your house.
  18. Spend it on a fancy meal for one, while neglecting other important expenses.
  19. Buy a novelty item that has no practical use.
  20. Spend it on a questionable “investment opportunity” from an unsolicited email.
  21. Purchase a poorly-made piece of clothing that falls apart after one wash.
  22. Buy an overpriced, underwhelming gift for someone who doesn’t appreciate it.
  23. Spend it on a gym membership you’ll never visit.
  24. Buy a 100$ worth of diary products that will expire in a week.
  25. Get a fancy haircut. Fanta style.

casino interior

Waste a thousand or more in a day

While 100$ you can afford thing are getting more interesting when you are willing to spend thousands wasting money on:

  1. Invest in a multilevel marketing scheme.
  2. Book a non-refundable luxury vacation during hurricane season: High risk of cancellation.
  3. Buy the latest smartphone model. Over a 1000$ for a phone !?
  4. Spend it all on a lavish party: One night of fun, but nothing lasting. (Maybe you’ll meet the love of your life)
  5. Purchase a pet from a dubious breeder: The animal may have health issues.
  6. Buy expensive concert tickets from a scalper that might be fake.
  7. Invest in a dubious “get rich quick” seminar: You’ll likely gain nothing after.
  8. Spend it all on luxury dining in an expensive restaurant.
  9. Buy a membership to an exclusive club you never use.
  10. Invest in a friend’s risky business venture.
  11. Buy an extravagant piece of furniture that doesn’t fit your home.
  12. Buy a designer piece wardrobe you’ll never wear.
  13. Purchase a collectible item from an unverified source.
  14. Buy expensive art without understanding its value.
  15. Spend it all on a personal development course with no practical application.
  16. Purchase a high-end drone without learning how to fly it. It could crash and break quickly.
  17. Go to Ibiza party.
  18. Buy a one year supply of bear that will expire before drink it.
  19. Buy a bottle of 40years old wine. We actually have one for sale.
  20. Buy a ticket to fly to Paris just to have a coffee and fly back the next day.
  21. Gamble it all in a casino. Will probably end losing everything.
  22. Buy a used car without a pre-purchase inspection and test run that break down immediately.
  23. Buy an expensive luxury watch.
  24. Invest in the flea market. This could actually be a good idea.
  25. Purchase complete fishing or hiking equipment even if you don’t like these activities.

yearly supply food a pile of food on a shelf

More ways to waste your money at large

While the previous was still acceptable and you may afford to waste, next list is for big fish:

  1. Go to casino and … Get out broke.
  2. Purchase a yacht without considering ongoing maintenance costs.
  3. Buy a mansion in a neighborhood with declining property values.
  4. Invest in a failing airline company.
  5. Spend it all on a lavish wedding that ends in divorce shortly after.
  6. Purchase a large quantity of counterfeit luxury goods.
  7. Invest in a business idea based on selling sand in the desert.
  8. Buy 10 luxury sports cars..
  9. Invest in a failing cryptocurrency without understanding the market.
  10. Purchase a private jet without considering the operational costs.
  11. Buy a collection of rare and exotic animals.
  12. Invest in a failing restaurant chain with a bad reputation.
  13. Spend it all on cosmetic surgery procedures that yield unsatisfactory results.
  14. Invest in a failing theme park with outdated attractions.
  15. Buy a mansion with extensive structural issues and costly repairs.
  16. Invest in a dubious real estate development project.
  17. Spend it all on extravagant parties and events with no lasting value.
  18. Purchase a fleet of luxury cars and rent them out without proper insurance coverage.
  19. Invest in a failing movie production without assessing the script or talent involved.
  20. Buy a large quantity of volatile stocks without diversifying your portfolio.
  21. Spend it all on high-end fashion items that quickly go out of style.
  22. Invest in a cult-like organization promising spiritual enlightenment but delivering manipulation and isolation.
  23. Invest in a fraudulent “get-rich-quick” scheme promising astronomical returns.
  24. Buy a NFT with no actual practical value.
  25. Buy some art.

sports cars in a garage

If those 100 ways to waste your money listed above are just not enough, you’ll have to be even more creative and find a hundred more.


This post was not a financial advice, and it is strongly recommended not to use any portion of it!

Written for entertainment only

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